The Backstory: Corporate Law Leads to Estate Planning

My introduction to estate planning began with researching how family trusts held and managed stock holdings when I was an in-house/corporate attorney.    With friends and colleagues inquiring about basic wills, powers of attorney, and health care proxies, and newly developed skills with trusts, the doors to estate practice were opened.  Eventually this grew to more comprehensive estate planning and probating estates, both of which are now key parts of my practice.

Summary of Services

For estate planning, I structure and draft:

  • Wills,
  • Durable Powers of Attorney,
  • Health Care Proxies,
  • Living Wills, and
  • Trusts.

I also advise clients on trust administration when questions arise of the rights of beneficiaries or responsibilities of trustees.

Finally, I probate estates after the loss of a loved one.

Some Considerations

While good estate planning is uniquely tailored to the complexities of individual circumstances, this certainly does not mean it’s reserved solely for more mature couples with substantial assets.  Estate planning may be just as important, and in many instances far more important, for couples with young children as well as single individuals without children.